This book, written by Marcy, uses a trinity of proof - easy to understand scientific explanation, scriptural support for the concepts and life experiences - to explain how and why energy medicine works.

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Calm the brain - Calm the body


Marcy is a Bioenergetic therapist in private practice in Kansas City. Marcy brings a unique combination of personal life experiences, academic training and twenty years of scripture study into her practice.

She received her undergraduate degree in psychology and postgraduate degree in Bioenergetics. She has also received advanced training in QiGong medicine,  Process Paint therapy, and central nervous system therapy.

Marcy's passion and curiosity to understand the bigger picture, willingness to step outside traditional thinking, and love for the foundational truths found in science and scripture provide the perfect platform for discovering how science and faith work together in Bioenergetics.


“I would tell anyone to try bioenergetics. You will feel noticeably better after just one session. It has literally changed my life.”

Terri McGowen
Business Executive
Pam McKamie.png
“I didn’t know how blocked I was. I got in touch with some amazing and very deep feelings during this process.”

Pam McKamie
“I am convinced that bioenergetic therapy was the most important part of my healing after major surgery!”

Dee Hudgens
Nurse, Therapist

Retrain! Rebalance! Reclaim! Reconnect!


The human body is a complex system of energy and consciousness comprised of numerous electromagnetic frequencies. The health of every person is dependent upon these frequencies.  Any disease process will be evident as a disturbance in the structure and function of these frequencies.  

Within the body there are various vital systems that work together to maintain health. The electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body regulates the integrated functioning of these systems, to maintain physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health.  

Muscle tension patterns, breathing patterns, central nervous system patterns, and patterns in the electromagnetic field all give signals as to where the body has pulled out of balance.  By utilizing specific vibrational frequencies directed to the areas of distortion, the biological and psychological functioning of the body can be recovered.

Bioenergetics helps the client learn how to retrain the nervous system, rebalance the electromagnetic flow, and reconnect the mind with the body.  Achieving this allows the client to reclaim their inherent pattern of health and well-being.



Services and Treatments

BRAIN CALM - A system designed to calm and retrain the central nervous system

PEMF THERAPY - A system designed to rebalance the frequencies in the electromagnetic field (*click to view short video demonstration of improved blood flow)

RIFE THERAPY - A system designed to remove imbalances using specific programmed frequencies      

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - Bioenergetics sessions based on individual issues and intentions

GROUP SESSIONS - Process paint therapy designed to allow the subconscious expression on canvas (*click to see examples of past seminars)

ORGAN ATTUNEMENT - Medically tuned instruments for harmonic resonance of specific organs

FISHER WALLACE DEVICE - A system designed to alleviate anxiety and depression